Moline Rivas Jose Juan
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Joe holds a Master degree in Education from the University of Nuevo Leon. He holds a TEFL diploma from London College in Ontario, Canada. Currently, he is teaching in Hunan University of Science and Engineering. He has been teaching in different countries such as Thailand, China, Mexico and the US.

He is a democratic-participatory teacher, he pays attention to learning styles and students’ needs, he encourages self-reflection, self-expression, and multiple perspectives . As an expert in bilingual education, Joe has a solid understanding of the theories behind teaching Foreign languages. Joe speaks English, Spanish, German and Italian.

His favorites educators and philosophers are: John Dewey, Jean Piaget, Freud, Vygotsky, B.F. Skinner, Paulo Freire, Confucius, Gardner, Chomsky and Krashen.

His favorite saying: What you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others.



他最喜歡的教育家和哲學家是:約翰?杜威(John Dewey)、讓?皮亞杰(Jean Piaget)、弗洛伊德(Freud)、維哥斯基(Vygotsky)B.F.斯金納(B.F. Skinner)、保羅?弗雷爾(Paulo Freire)、孔子(Confucius)、加德納(Gardner)、喬姆斯基(Chomsky)和克拉申(Krashen)