Ernst Uwe Rudolf Nolting-Hauff
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Ernst, German, bachelor from Julliard School of Music, and PhD of Musikhochschule Luebeck. Now he is piano professor in Hunan University of Science and Engineering.

He is good at communicating with students and teaches students by combining practical situation and his own experiences. Like most Germans, Ernst is very thorough and exact in doing everything ranging from teaching to daily life. He is good at raising questions and guiding students to think on their own. He is a well-behaved piano teacher winning unanimous praise among students, teachers and school leaders.

恩斯特·諾爾丁·豪夫 (Ernst Nolting-Hauff,德國) ,碩士,畢業于紐約的茱莉亞音樂學院,并從呂貝克音樂學院畢業獲得博士學位。現任湖南科技學院鋼琴教授。